MLTD IconMost Likely To Drink

How to play:


3 - 9

You will need:

  • Player number cards for each player
  • Player Voting cards a set for each player
  • Players drink of choice


  • 1 - 4 Decks of Playing Cards (1 Deck per 4 players)
  • Player Identifier Cards or Papers
  • Players drink of choice


Click here for printable 1-9 Player Card Sheet (Print one for each player and one to label your players):
Download MLTD Cards 1-9
or download at:

Click here for printable Blank Player Card Sheet(Make your own Most Likely To Drink Cards):
Download MLTD Blank Cards
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Just A Quick Game:

If you don't want to bother with cards or are at a bar and want to play, just poll the audience. No cards, no numbers, have one player read the question and everyone points or shouts their votes. Whoever loses the vote should drink, if people tie they both drink, or if someone wants to volunteer as the question fits them then they should drink. Quick, simple, and fun the way a good night should away start.

To Start:

Give each player a player an numbered card or a piece of paper with their number written on it; this is how you will know how you're voting for. Now give everyone a set of cards with each player's number in it including their own. These will be how you vote, for the play that will drink.
Once all the players have something to ID who you will be voting for card or paper and a set of cards to vote with, select one player to read the "Most Likely to Drink" questions, and have them read the first question.
After the question has been read each player should select from their cards with the number of the player they think is best represented by the statements and lay the card face down in front of their self.
Once all of the players have voted, everyone may flip over their voting card. Now count the votes and check the VOTING section to find out who should drink.


  1. The player who received the most votes should drink. Unless another rule applies.
  2. If there is a tie then all the tying parties with the most votes should drink.
  3. If the player who received the most votes also voted for themself all the other players who voted for the player who received the most votes except the player themself should drink.
  4. If a player voted for themself, but does not receive the most votes they must take a penalty drink, along with the person with the most votes.
  5. If the votes are unanimous(everyone votes for the same person) everyone cheers and take a drink.
  6. If everyone voted for themselves everyone take 3 drinks (you silly narcissists).
  7. If everyone except 1 player voted for the same player the player who voted against the group drinks.(Only use this rule for more than 3 players)


Before you start.

Standard Game Play
The Red Cards in front of each player represent their number, so other players know who to vote for. The Black Cards are the players votes, each player should have one card to vote with that represents each player, including themself.

Standard Game Play

Standard Game Play
A players vote does not necessarily have to be based on who they believe best fits the question. A player is free to vote based on how they believe other players will vote.

Standard Game Play
(The Votes are in...)

Standard Game Play
After everyone has played, you may flip your card to see which player has received the most votes and which player or players should be drinking.

Standard Game Play

Standard Game Play
The votes are in Player 2 received the most votes but didn't vote for themself, Player 2 should take a drink. This is a simple standard round.

Playing with your deck, of cards

Standard Game Play
Up to 4 players can play with one deck of cards, up to 8 players can play with 2 decks of cards, up to 12 can play with 3 decks, and amazingly up to 15 players can play with 4 decks of cards. More than 15 people and you should probably spilt into more than one game because it's not going to be much fun.

Standard Game Play
Just assign one card letter or number to represent each player (e.g., A, K, Q, J...) then separate those cards out of the deck or decks giving each player one of each card to vote with.

Odd Man Out

Standard Game Play
Everyone voted for Player 2 except Player 4, as the old man out Player 4 gets to take this drink even though they did not lose the vote.

Unanimous Vote, Cheers!

Standard Game Play
The votes are unanimous (everyone votes for the same person), and sense great minds think alike cheers and everyone should drink.

It's not always wise to vote for yourself.

Standard Game Play
In this round Player 1 received the most votes. Though Player 1 and Player 3 should drink as Player 3 voted for their self but didn't win the vote, giving Player 3 receives a penalty drink.

A tie and someone voted for that as well.

Standard Game Play
Player 1 and Player 3 tied for the most votes. Player 3 voted for their self so all the players who voted for 3 should drink except Player 3, which would be Player 2. Player 1 also won the vote and should drink as well. So Player 1 and Player 2 should drink in this case.

Aren't we a bunch of narcissist's.

Standard Game Play
Everyone has elected to vote for themselves, everyone should take 3 drinks. Congratulations narcissists.

Everyone WINS!

Standard Game Play
Isn't that nice everyone voted for someone different. Guess what, you all win everyone should drink and maybe give each other a pat on the back for thinking alike.